Spearing Bears With Tim Wells


By Tracy Breen


Tim Wells, the host of Relentless Pursuit TV is known for hunting all kinds of different game including deer, elk and bear. What makes him different is he often uses blow guns and spears to hunt. On a recent black bear hunt, he wanted to spear a bear and used the Wyndscent vapor unit to help bring bears in extra close. “When I am hunting with a spear, I need the bear to be really close. It is best if they are right under my treestand. On a hunt I was on last month, I was hunting over bait but I decided to use the Wyndscent unit as well. Research shows the vapor scent travels a great distance. The Donut Shop scent that Wyndscent makes smells extremely sweet and strong, so I knew it would work well bringing bears in close.”
Many bear hunters need a bear to stop broadside at 20 or 30 yards. When hunting with a spear, Wells prefers bears to be at the base of his tree. “Instead of having the Wyndscent unit on the ground 20 yards away, I had it up in the treestand with me. It worked well. The bear I killed walked right under my treestand trying to figure out where the scent was coming from. The spear did its job and I was able to tag a great bear.”
Several people think hunting with a spear is inhumane and wrong. Wells, on the other hand, believes hunting with a spear is humane and challenging. “When a bear is killed with a spear, the animal quickly dies. Getting a bear within a few feet of my treestand can be difficult which is the fun and challenging part about hunting with a spear.”
Bear hunting with a bow is difficult. Bear hunting with a spear is an extreme challenge. If you want to try something new that will get your heart pounding, try bear hunting with a spear. “Like bowhunting, I practice with my spear so I know exactly how and where to aim,” Wells explained. “Anyone who wants to hunt this way will need to get a good spear and spend a lot of time practicing.”

Wyndscent Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Basic Wyndscent Unit Maintenace


NOTE: make sure you read the provided instructions before operating the Wyndscent Unit.


If your Wyndscent Unit doesn't seem to be vaping like it should, please watch the maintenance video below and perform the basic maintenance steps.



Clean Your Coil


It is a good maintenance practice to clean your coil on a regular basis. Simply take a q-tip or the provided cleaning tool and insert into the the center of the coil. Cleaning the coil takes away any residue buildup that might be hindering the unit from outputting the most vapor possible.



Clean Your Control Section


If the top of your control section has residue built up, carefully clean it with a q-tip (make sure to NOT insert the q-tip into the hole that goes down into the control section).

NOTE: If you properly store the Wyndscent Unit, any residue buildup will be very minimal. It is always best to remove the tank section of your unit when you are not using the unit. It is also best to store the tank section UPSIDE DOWN to avoid any leakage.




Keep Your Battery Charged


If your unit isn't putting our much vapor, make sure your battery is fully charged. A single charge should go for 25 hours of runtime, but a fully charged battery will always perform the best.



Keep Your Threading Greased


Included with your Wyndscent unit should be a small package of grease. If your unit's sections do not unscrew easily, it is a good idea to apply some grease to the threading with a q-tip.




Wyndscent Troublshooting


If for some reason your unit doesn't seem to be vaping at all (even after following the above maintenance tips), go through the trouble shooting steps below.


1. Make sure your unit is actually on. You should be seeing a green or red light on the front of the unit (red = standby mode, green = run mode). The green light will be blinking when the unit is activated (vaping).

2. Make sure you don't have the sections of the unit tightened down too far. There is no need to be a guerrilla. Simply loosening the sections of the unit often fixes the problem.


If you have followed the above steps and your unit is still not working properly, don't hesitate to reach out to us at and explain your problem.


Four Reasons Why Deer Hunters Should Build Mock Scrapes Now


Most deer hunters don’t think about building mock scrapes until just before the rut, but summer is a great time to put down a mock scrape or two. Below we will give you several reasons serious hunters should build mock scrapes now instead of waiting until October or November.
Most hunters think of scrapes only as something bucks use to mark their territory during the fall. Although bucks make a lot of scrapes in the fall, it isn’t the only time of year scrapes are used. In fact, does and fawns use scrapes throughout the year. Deer often communicate with each other via a scrape. These scrapes are often called a community scrape and are used all year. This type of scrape is often in a major travel corridor where many deer pass by on a daily basis. A community scrape usually has a licking branch. As a hunter, the goal this time of year is to create a scrape that lots of deer will use.
If you build a scrape this time of year, make sure it has a licking branch. If you are building the scrape in an area without a lot of trees, don’t be afraid to bring in a small tree and build a scrape under it. The goal during the summer should be to build several of these scrapes in key areas. Some will likely get used regularly and others won’t. Hanging a camera over the scrapes will allow you to take inventory of the deer in your area as well as teach you where deer movement is concentrated. Over the years, I have often been surprised by which new scrapes receive the most activity and which ones never get used at all.
One major reason to build scrapes this time of year is to get deer used to using your strategically placed scrapes. Build scrapes near bedding areas, food plots and travel corridors. Build them in places where you can hang a treestand nearby. By building a scrape months in advance, the scrape may become a place they frequent all summer and fall. When hunting season arrives, you can hunt the scrapes that are seeing the most action. Summer time scrape building is a great scouting tool to truly figure out deer activity.
By building your scrapes months in advance and leaving the scrape alone for the majority of summer, there won’t be human odor or hunting pressure.  When the timing is right during the rut, hunting over these scrapes or near them can be a great way to fill a tag.
Last but not least, use very little deer urine when building these scrapes.  Tear up the ground and make sure a licking branch is over the scrape. When the rut arrives, put a Wyndscent vapor unit near the scrape when you hunt. The fresh smell of doe in estrus will help pull the bucks into the area where they know a regularly used scrape already exists.
Building mock scrapes during the summer is inexpensive, easy to do, and can help you increase your odds of success this fall.





As laws change because of CWD, more deer hunters are wondering if synthetic deer scents are a better option. For decades, the norm has been to walk into a sporting goods store, purchase a bottle of deer pee, and then pour it on the ground near a treestand. Over the years,  many have noticed not all pee is created equal. In fact, some deer scents that are available on the market today are not true deer pee.

One problem with buying deer urine is that it doesn’t stay fresh for long.  As the urine breaks down, it starts to give off a foul smell. This smell is unnatural and can actually spook deer. If you have ever hunted over a mock scrape, I am sure you have experienced what happens when a deer smells something in a mock scrape it doesn’t typically runs off. There are many quality scents on the market today, but because of changing laws, more people are asking themselves if they should try synthetic urines. Below are three reasons deer hunters should try it.  


1 ~  Hunters should try synthetic scents because some states have outlawed the use of deer urine being used as a hunting attractant. One of the biggest hunting states in the nation has outlawed deer urine. As time passes, more states will change laws, making it more difficult for hunters to use actual deer urine. Now is a great time to try synthetic deer urine.


2 ~ Hunters should try synthetic deer urine because it doesn’t have a short shelf life like many of the deer scents that are currently available on the market. As urine breaks down, the odor changes. Because synthetic urines are not urine-based, they don’t break down. The scent you buy today can be used months from now. Synthetic scents consistently smell the same, which means you have less chance of spooking game if used properly.


3 ~ Hunters should try synthetic scents because they work. I have used synthetic scents many times over the last 20 years. I have seen deer walk up to my mock scrapes and pee in them, sniff them, and mess around in them for several minutes. When used properly, synthetic deer scents work great.

Hunting over mock scrapes is an art, not a science. I have seen deer fall in love with mock scrapes and visit them daily and I have seen mock scrapes get ignored. Using synthetic scents this fall isn’t going to increase your odds of success ten fold, but it can help you outsmart deer.

If you are looking for a great synthetic deer scent, check out our synthetic estrus scent that was formulated to work with our Wyndscent unit, which vaporizes scent. Click this link for more information on our synthetic estrus scent.

The Bloodhount Test

Here at Fourth Arrow, we know that vapor scent can carry a long way, but we wanted to find out how far away an animal could smell heated vapor scent. We asked our good friend, Tracker John to see how far away his bloodhounds could smell the vapor coming out of our Wyndscent unit.

Tracker John is considered by many to be the best tracker in the outdoor industry. He is a full-time tracker who owns multiple bloodhounds and spends his days training and tracking deer. We sent him a Wyndscent unit and let him put his bloodhounds to work to determine if vapor scent is more effective them pouring deer urine on the ground. “There is no question that the dogs could smell the vapor scent 250-300 yards away,” said Tracker John.

Weather and a variety of other factors can determine how far away animals can smell odors. We are confident that heated vapor scents travel further than scents that are simply dumped on the ground. Watch the bloodhounds put the Wyndscent unit to the test below.

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