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      P7 Deceiver Scents Partners with Wyndscent

      P7 Deceiver Scents Partners with Wyndscent

      Fourth Arrow Products, makers of the revolutionary Wyndscent Vapor Scent Dispensing System, is proud to partner with P7 Deceiver Scents. P7 Scents are known for making premium concentrated scents that can now be dispensed in the Wyndscent unit. “These scents are produced using a highly concentrated formula that has been approved and formulated to work in our main Wyndscent unit,” Dave Dykema from Fourth Arrow Brands said.  “Vapor scents are a much more active way to dispense and carry scents further in any condition.  When you combine that with P7 premium scents, the result is a combination that will not only bring deer in but will also provide a bedding scent that will have a calming effect.” The premium concentrated P7 scents will be available in three formulas that harness the deceit of false safety, false desire, and false anonymity.

       SANCTUARY 17

      Sanctuary 17 utilizes a unique blend of scents to perfectly match the scent of a doe bedding area. This blend of scents harnesses the deceit of false safety so when bucks and does smell Sanctuary 17, they will believe they are in a safe area that smells like a bedding area. This scent is formulated to have a calming affect on deer. This scent is perfect for the bowhunter trying to bring a big buck in close.

       SEDUCTION 18

      Seduction 18 harnesses the deceit of desire. This formula uses the scent of a highly concentrated doe in estrus to lure big bucks in close. Doe estrus is the scent most hunters use during the rut to attract big bucks and the concentrated Seduction 18 formula will work great during the rut.


      Suppression 19 harnesses the deceit of anonymity. This advanced cover scent utilizes advanced odor elimination to allow a hunter’s presence to be undetected and allow for undisturbed animal movement. Hunter are always looking for ways to outwit the nose of a deer.   Suppression 19 is one more weapon hunters can use to deceive the nose of a whitetail.

      Best of all, the unique vapor technology used by the Wyndscent unit means the hunter gets more bang for the buck. One 7 ml bottle of P7 scent provides 40 hours of vapor. With other scents, hunters are lucky to get a day or two of use out of a bottle of urine.


      The Wyndscent applicator is a one-of-a-kind patented vapor scent applicator that harnesses the power of vapor to dispense liquid scent. The reusable unit comes with a remote control and rechargeable batteries. With Wyndscent, hunters can control the amount of scent dispersed and continuously apply scent every 60 second intervals or as needed by using the remote control. Learn more about Wyndscent at

      Attract more Bears. Guaranteed.

      Attract more Bears. Guaranteed.

      It's no surprise- Bears rely heavily on their incredible sense of smell.  Many hunters work to use that keen sense of smell to their advantage when looking to fill their bear tag. Some states allow bear hunters to use real bait to attract bears. Other states have made bait illegal, though in many cases non consumable attractants may be used to lure bears in. Consult your local regulations to find out what is legal in your area.

      Bait vs Attractants

      Where baiting is legal, the tried and true method of attracting bears is consistent bait placement. Dump old donuts or other sugary goods near your bait site and set up a trail camera so you can monitor what bears are hitting the site and when. Unfortunately, even in areas where bait is legal, many hunter's don't have the ability to bait their stand consistently prior to hunting it, making the bait far less effective.

      When baiting is ineffective, illegal, or you just want to supplement the bait, attractants can be used to draw bears in. So what is the best bear attractant? Great question!

      How Should I Attract Bears?

      Bears are said to be able to smell food from up to 20 miles away. That said, the best attractant is the one that will have the longest range. Wyndscent boasts a long range by utilizing vapor to carry that scent and heat to activate those molecules. Wyndscent utilizes consistency as well. By default, the unit will disperse scent every sixty seconds. Meaning the proprietary donut shop scent (the recommended scent for bear ) will always smell fresh and recent. When a bear smells it and approaches the Wyndscent unit, the scent will get stronger and stronger the closer the bear gets.

      Food isn't the only thing bears can smell from miles away. They are entirely capable of smelling you as well. Be sure to play the wind and keep it in your face at all times. The Wyndscent Grenade is a great tool for doing just that.

      So before you head out to a bear hunt, be sure to look into the technology Wyndscent has to offer to ensure you come back with a cooler full of meat and notched tags!

      Best of luck and stay safe!



      By Tracy Breen


      Bear season is just around the corner.  Now is the time to start thinking about what gear you should bring to camp. Many bear hunters head to Canada each year to bear hunt and although Canada has lots bears, often Canadian outfitters don’t provide hunters with everything they need to have a successful hunt. If you are going bear hunting this spring, below are a few things you might want to have packed before leaving home.



      Many outfitters in Canada use homemade ladder stands made out of wood and nails. If you plan to spend days in a treestand, bring a climber or a ladder stand of your own. Homemade wooden stands aren’t always safe and aren’t comfortable. If you bring your own stand, make sure you bring one with an extra comfortable seat. Like hunting the whitetail rut, sitting in a treestand for long hours is often required. Sitting on a 2x4 won’t be easy and chances are you won’t sit on one for long before you decide to head back to camp. A comfortable stand is a necessity.



      Image Courtesy of Game of Inches TV



      Bring a predator call. When people think of black bear hunting, they often think of sitting over bait. Even when sitting over bait, you can pass the time by using a predator call from time to time. A friend of mine called in a huge black bear while hunting over bait. A fawn in distress works great. Keep in mind bears don’t have long attention spans. Call often if you want to peak the interest of nearby bears. Big bears sometimes shy away from bait piles but don’t think twice about running in to check out a wounded fawn.



      Bring a scale with you when bear hunting. Very few outfitters ever have a scale in camp. If you really want to know how much your bear weighed, bring your own scale so you can weigh it yourself. Often the weight of bears is overestimated. A scale will tell the truth.



      Bring a few attractants. Depending on weather, bait piles don’t always give off much odor and bears don’t always know the bait is out; especially during the early season. Wyndscent offers an electronic vapor hunting scent called Donut Shop. The Wyndscent unit utilizes the power of vapor to disperse the Donut Shop scent. The unit can be turned on and off with a push button remote and the vapor travels extremely far, thanks to the fact that the hot scent coming out of the unit easily travels with the wind current. Unlike bacon burns, the Wyndscent is easy to use and bears love the sweet smell of donuts.




      Many hunters believe the outfitter will have everything they need to have a successful hunt. Sometimes hunting is slow and that is when having a trick up your sleeve like a Wyndscent unit can make a big difference. The Wyndscent unit can be screwed into a tree or used on the ground. You should always bring scent of some kind when bear hunting. Bait alone doesn’t always bring bears in close.

      You've been using Hunting Scents all Wrong. Here's Why.

      You've been using Hunting Scents all Wrong. Here's Why.


      It's no surprise that a whitetail's sense of smell is their first line of defense. Mature whitetails rely on it so heavily that they often position themselves so that each breeze and air current educates them on their surroundings. Fooling that sense of smell is no small task, but taking advantage of their dependency on it is certainly something worth doing.

      Now let's face it- the majority of us have not had a whole lot of success with attractants. Deer might check them out when they come through out of curiosity but you rarely see a whitetail coming to you BECAUSE of the scent. There lies the problem. Traditional scents are too passive.

      In order to produce a more proactive scent a few things are needed.


      Right now when put out scents you either pour some urine on the ground or hang it from a branch using a wick of some sort. This is what hunters have done for ages. One of the problems with that dispersal system is that it becomes LESS potent as the hunt goes on. The strongest that scent will ever be (on most days) is the moment you take it out of the bottle.
      You want something that continuously reapplies that scent. Wyndscent is the only scent dispersal system that reapplies scent incrementally throughout your hunt.


      In order for any scent to be spread it has to be evaporated. For example, A cold apple pie has little to no odor while a warm apple pie is extremely fragrant. Although Apple Pie is a solid the warmth evaporates that pie, turning it to a vapor and spreading that scent.  The same applies to scents for hunting. The Wyndscent unit heats the scent and forces it to evaporate and travel farther, similar to an apple pie. This is a major benefit, especially in cold weather when very little heat is available to cause scents to naturally evaporate.


      Vapor is the product of the scent being heated, so naturally it makes the scent more potent. Vapor is the perfect medium for dispersal as it also allows the scents to spread with the air currents without being influenced by gravity.

      Now is the time. Look at your current gear. Do you have a proactive system that works to extend the range of your scent and draw in game or are you still using a passive system that relies on the proximity of your target animal?

      Watch how game reacts to Wyndscent below!


      The Power of Vaporized Hunting Scents

      The Power of Vaporized Hunting Scents

      A new style of using scents for hunting has emerged, and the science suggests that it might be more effective than anything hunters have used in the past. In the past, debates on hunting scent, be-it cover scent, food, urine or estrous scent, have focused on the source of the scent and its base… oil or water. However, not as much discussion has focused on the all-important aspect of how the scent gets from the source to an animal’s nose. Using energy to vaporize a scent, instead of simply dragging it on the ground or hanging a wick from a branch, can not only help scent travel farther, but also be effective in a wider range of conditions. What is vaporizing, exactly? We’ll dig in a little deeper, but for now, imagine someone using an e-cigarette. As they inhale, the liquid inside the chamber heats up to create a vapor, which you can visibly see as the person exhales. The same idea is true here, but with hunting scent instead of nicotine in the liquid. Let’s briefly dive into the science of vaporizing scents and then discuss whether or not they could have actual benefit in real-world scenarios.

      How Animals Smell

      Let’s start with the basics. Certain types of molecules, scent molecules, have very specific shapes and structures. All molecules that make up a substance (liquid or solid in our case) are rapidly vibrating. This happens on a scale much too small for us to see. If those vibrating molecules have just enough energy, they’ll break free of the substance and begin floating freely in the air. This is called vaporization. When the vaporized scent molecules enter the nose of an animal, special receptors are activated and send signals to the brain. Those signals are interpreted as smell. The concentration of scent molecules is also important. Animals such as deer, bear, and dogs have hypersensitive noses that are capable of sensing smell with much lower concentrations of scent molecules than humans. The key thing is that the scent molecules need to be in vapor form in order to travel by wind and air currents from the source to the nose, or they’ll never be smelled.

      What is Vaporization, and Why is It Important?

      How do the scent molecules become vaporized? Well, there are two primary ways that something can be vaporized, evaporation and boiling. Evaporation happens from the surface of a liquid. Small amounts of internal energy will cause some molecules to escape the surface and become airborne. Scent molecules are no exception. A puddle of water in the middle of a road will eventually dry up after the sun comes out because of evaporation. It happens slowly. Boiling, on the other hand, happens rapidly from the bulk of the material, and can turn a pot of water into vapor in a short matter of time. The temperature required to do this often means the addition of external energy. For the pot of water, that energy comes from the flame of the stove. With an electronic vaporizer, the energy comes from a battery powered electronic circuit that heats the liquid. Both evaporation and vaporization achieve the same result but in different ways. It’s easier to control boiling because we can simply add heat. Evaporation will speed up or slow down depending on environmental factors such as the humidity and the temperature. It will happen quickly in warm, dry conditions, and slower in cold, wet conditions. That can have a large impact on the effectiveness of hunting scents that rely on evaporation in the real world.

      Electronic Vaporization Has Real-World Benefits

      Have scent drags and wicks worked for you? Have they worked for your buddies? If you’re like most, the answer is “sometimes yes, but sometimes no.” Remember, if conditions aren’t favorable for evaporation, less of that scent will become airborne. Most of it will stay put within the gel or scent wick where they do you no good. Once again, we want scent to get in the air. But wait? How can a deer smell your entry route? How can a bloodhound follow somebody’s scent on a sidewalk? Don’t the animals smell scent on the ground in those instances? Well, the source of the scent is on the ground, but it still evaporates just enough that animals with a very sensitive nose can pick it up. So how can electronic vaporization help, specifically? By using energy to heat up a liquid scent, we can force it to become a gas and become airborne much more rapidly and reliably than we could through evaporation. Have you ever noticed that hot food smells more than cold food? Well, physics has a reason for that. In wet or humid conditions, electronic vaporization beats evaporation. In cold conditions, electronic vaporization beats evaporation. Considering that the whitetail rut often occurs in a period of cooler temperatures in the upper MidWest, it makes sense to give your scent a little “boost” in getting airborne.

      Additional Benefits of Electronic Vaporization

      Electronic vaporization has another advantage over using liquid, gel, or solid scents in the traditional manner. You can set specific intervals at which scent is released. If scent is simply placed on the ground, it will slowly evaporate until gone. That entire process could take days. We all know that deer and tracking dogs have the ability to pick up a weak ground scent that’s days old. With vaporization, bursts of strong scent can be released from the moment you enter your spot until you leave, and then promptly shut off. That reduces the chance that an animal will investigate your scent overnight, only to also discover your human scent and avoid the area in the future.

      Is scent vaporization the magic trick that will finally bring that big buck or bear into your setup? Well, nothing is guaranteed in hunting; however, science certainly gives a leg up to scent vaporization.

      Garrett Prahl
      DIY Sportsman