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Launcher Special (KIT)

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For a limited time get a FREE Wyndscent Grenade with Doe Estrus Wyndstick when you purchase a Grenade Launcher.


•    Wyndscent Grenade
    •    Doe In Estrus Wyndstick
    •    Wyndscent Grenade Launcher (D battery not included)
    •    Grenade Launcher remote

Wyndscent™ Grenades are typically handheld and used as a wind indicator/cover scent. The Grenade Launcher changes that. Simply turn the Launcher on, secure the Grenade to the top, and set it out in front of your hunting location. Activate using the included remote and the grenade will emit vapor once every sixty seconds. You can now utilize your Grenade as an attractant. Note: D Battery not included.

Why Wyndscent?

1. Constant. Wyndscent™ is the first scent that constantly refreshes that attractant. Traditional scents start strong but become less effective as the hunt goes on.

2. Vapor. Vapor is an excellent medium. It is not effected by gravity and will follow thermals/air currents- giving your attractant a longer reach. In order to understand this you need to have some fundamentals on how smell works. You can read up on that here

3. Heat. By applying heat (which Wyndscent™ does to create the vapor) it speeds up those molecules and allows them to travel further. Think of a warm apple pie compared to a cold one. Which can you smell from 100 yards away?