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We are running an early release of 2019 product. ScentFIRE™ (the next generation of vapor technology) will be available for purchase soon. Click here to learn more.


WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer provides for an ACTIVE scent dispersal that has revolutionized the scent industry. It allows our proprietary scents to smell stronger, travel farther, and last longer. We offer multiple cover scents and/or attractants from some of the best known brands in the scent industry. WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer is REFILLABLE as each of our 5 ml tanks will last 25 hours dispersing every 60 seconds. You can CONTROL the amount of scent dispersed either at a pre-set interval or with the REMOTE that will function from up to 40 yards away. Our high efficiency RECHARGEABLE battery can last up to 25 hours on a single charge. WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer is water resistant, durable in extreme weather conditions and can be hung from a tree or placed on our mini-tripods or stake. WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer is the most effective and versatile scent dispersing unit in the market today.

The retail package includes all of the following: ·Wyndscent™ Electronic Scent Vaporizer · Rechargeable battery ·Battery charger ·Remote ·Wyndscent™ lanyard ·Cleaning Tool – Tank Plug - Detailed instructions-

*Scent Not Included. *Use Only Wyndscent™ Approved Scents.

For optimal vapor performance we recommend replacing your tank yearly. Click here to view standard replacement tanks.


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