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ScentFIRE™ Powered By Wyndscent With P7 Scent and Case (KIT)

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Introducing the new ScentFIRE™ powered by Wyndscent. The ScentFIRE™ unit is part of the next generation of vapor technology. It is super easy to use and basically takes NO maintenance. The scent cartridge system makes it really easy to swap scents within seconds. No longer deal with messy liquid scents. Also, never have to worry about charging batteries as this unit runs off AA batteries.

ScentFIRE™ Electronic scent vaporizer completely changes the scent game.

1. ScentFIRE™ quickly heats liquid scent turning it into a long-ranging, strong smelling vapor.

2. ScentFIRE™ takes pre-filled cartridges of various scents.

3. Position ScentFIRE™ in a strategic position. It will automatically disperse scent every 60 seconds (adjustable). Or, use it manually with the provided remote.

4. ScentFIRE™uses three AA batteries (not included) and operates approx. 50 hours on 3 minute mode.


    •    ScentFIRE™ scent vaporizer
    •    P7 Sanctuary or Seduction Scent ScentFIRE™ scent cartridge
    •    ScentFIRE™ remote
    •    Carrying case
    •    (Does not include AA batteries) We highly recommend Lithium Batteries for the best performance.

Scent Cartridge lasts up to 50 hours on 3 minute or up to 15 hours on 1 minute mode.

*Extra Scent cartridges can be purchased on our website. Original Wyndscent refills, Wyndscent 2.0 cartridges, and Wyndscent Grenade cartridges DO NOT work with this unit.

Conquest Scents can be purchased for this unit here.

Due to a special partnership with Conquest Scents, our other partner brands of scents will NOT be available for this unit.

The scent that comes with this unit is ATA approved! To learn more about what the ATA approved seal means click here.

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