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ScentFIRE™ P7 Donut Shop Bear Scent Cartridge



    •    1 P7 Donut Shop cartridge for ScentFIRE™

The smell of anything sweet is pretty close to irresistible to a bear. They are always on the lookout for the next sweet meal. When you vaporize donut scent in the ScentFIRE unit, those bears think that the donuts must be fresh. They forget everything and come right on in for an investigation. Using donut shop scent in the ScentFIRE unit can give you the perfect opportunity of harvesting a big ol’ bear.

P7 Donut replacement scent cartridge for ScentFIRE™ unit. Unlike traditional scents, the ScentFIRE™  emits an air vapor for extended reach of scents.

    •    50 hours worth of scent on 3 minute dispersal mode.
    •    15 hours worth of scent on 1 minute dispersal mode.

    •    Donut shop smell for bear
    •    Perfect for attracting black bear into shooting range

ScentFIRE™ unit NOT included. Compatible with the ScentFIRE unit only. NOT compatible with the Wyndscent Grenade.



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