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ScentFIRE™ P7 Premium Synthetic Estrus Scent Cartridge



    •    1 P7 Premium Synthetic Estrus cartridge for ScentFIRE™

Does your state not allow you to use real deer urine as an attractant? That is now no longer a problem. Vaporize our premium synthetic estrus to lure that next rut stricken buck into shooting range.

P7 Synthetic Estrus replacement scent cartridge for ScentFIRE™ unit. Unlike traditional scents, the ScentFIRE™  emits an air vapor for extended reach of scents.

    •    50 hours worth of scent on 3 minute dispersal mode.
    •    15 hours worth of scent on 1 minute dispersal mode.

    •    Premium synthetic estrus scent
    •    Perfect for attracting bucks during the rut

ScentFIRE™ unit NOT included. Compatible with the ScentFIRE unit only. NOT compatible with the Wyndscent Grenade.



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