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Wyndscent 2.0 J&S Doe in Heat Cartridge



    •    1 cartridge of J&S Doe in Heat scent for the Wyndscent 2.0 unit

J&S Scents offers both Intruder Buck and Doe in Heat. his is the same tried and true scent J&S has provided for years in the proprietary Wyndscent™ formula. One vapor cartridge for the Wyndscent 2.0 will last up to 80 hours of run time on the three minute mode.

    •    80 hours of run time on the 3 minute mode
    •    Premium doe in estrus scent
    •    Perfect for attracting bucks during the rut
    •    Disposable cartridge

This cartridge is compatible with the Wyndscent 2.0 only. Wyndscent 2.0 unit not included.

This scent is ATA approved! To learn more about what the ATA approved seal means click here.

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