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Wyndscent Tripod


The Tripod is durable and portable and the ideal accessory for remote disbursement of scents from the Wyndscent unit. The Tripod accessory is perfect for dry, impenetrable soils and helps to maintain a ground-level profile of the Wyndscent™ unit.

    •    Collapsible design
    •    1/4 20 mount
    •    Works with the Original Wyndscent unit, the Wyndscent 2.0 unit, and the ScentFIRE unit.
    •    Can also be used to hold POV action cameras

1. Select the location in which you plan to draw game to.

2. Connect your Wyndscent™ unit to the Tripod.

3. Place Tripod on level ground.

4. Head to the tree or blind and watch Wyndscent™ work!


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