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Wyndsticks for Grenade Donut

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•    1 Donut Shop Wyndstick for the Wyndscent Grenade

Replacement sticks for both Wyndscent™ and ScentCrusher Grenades. Wind Indicator + Scent Dispersal. Rated up to 300 applications and 100% vapor. The Wyndscent™ Grenade Wyndstick is a replacement cartridge/scent stick for the Grenade. Unlike traditional scents, the Wyndscent™ Grenade emits an air vapor for extended reach of scents and powerful visual wind detection. Wyndsticks work in both Wyndscent and ScentCrusher Grenades as a great means of wind detection and attractant. Rated for a minimum of 300 applications and available in many different scents! Note: Grenade not included.

•    Powerful wind indication
    •    Dispenses actual vaporized scent
    •    Lasts a minimum of 300 puffs per stick
    •    Donut shop bear attractant scent

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