This revolutionary VAPOR HUNTING SCENT applicator houses proprietary scents. WYNDSCENT™ vapors travel farther and hold together longer. WYNDSCENT™ is REUSABLE and REFILLABLE. Control the amount of scent dispersed or continuously apply scent at desired intervals—without contaminating the broadcast area. Its high efficiency RECHARGEABLE battery can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. WYNDSCENT™ is water resistant and durable in extreme conditions. WYNDSCENT™ is PORTABLE: use on the stalk, in the tree, hang from a branch, or stake in the ground. WYNDSCENT™ is the most effective and VERSATILE cover scent on the market. #WyndwithBenefits

Just released today!! Buck Stop 200 Proof.
One 7ml refill will fill your Wyndscent’s tank 1.25 times and run for 40 hours. A true vapor extends the range of effectiveness and works to bring bucks in.

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Pick a Scent, Any Scent.
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— Products shown: Wyndsticks.

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