Attract more Bears. Guaranteed.

Attract more Bears. Guaranteed.

It's no surprise- Bears rely heavily on their incredible sense of smell.  Many hunters work to use that keen sense of smell to their advantage when looking to fill their bear tag. Some states allow bear hunters to use real bait to attract bears. Other states have made bait illegal, though in many cases non consumable attractants may be used to lure bears in. Consult your local regulations to find out what is legal in your area.

Bait vs Attractants

Where baiting is legal, the tried and true method of attracting bears is consistent bait placement. Dump old donuts or other sugary goods near your bait site and set up a trail camera so you can monitor what bears are hitting the site and when. Unfortunately, even in areas where bait is legal, many hunter's don't have the ability to bait their stand consistently prior to hunting it, making the bait far less effective.

When baiting is ineffective, illegal, or you just want to supplement the bait, attractants can be used to draw bears in. So what is the best bear attractant? Great question!

How Should I Attract Bears?

Bears are said to be able to smell food from up to 20 miles away. That said, the best attractant is the one that will have the longest range. Wyndscent boasts a long range by utilizing vapor to carry that scent and heat to activate those molecules. Wyndscent utilizes consistency as well. By default, the unit will disperse scent every sixty seconds. Meaning the proprietary donut shop scent (the recommended scent for bear ) will always smell fresh and recent. When a bear smells it and approaches the Wyndscent unit, the scent will get stronger and stronger the closer the bear gets.

Food isn't the only thing bears can smell from miles away. They are entirely capable of smelling you as well. Be sure to play the wind and keep it in your face at all times. The Wyndscent Grenade is a great tool for doing just that.

So before you head out to a bear hunt, be sure to look into the technology Wyndscent has to offer to ensure you come back with a cooler full of meat and notched tags!

Best of luck and stay safe!

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