As hunters, we’ve all seen scent work to either attract game or cover up our human scent.  But, we’ve also experienced far too many situations where the scent did not really work. The problem is not the scent itself.  It’s the delivery system.


Evaporation is not a reliable scent delivery system

To use scent, we pour or add it onto an absorbent pad, a ball of cotton or onto a leaf, stick, tree bark, our boots or the like.  In all of these cases, that scent, any scent, is 100% reliant on being delivered by evaporation.  In moist conditions or when temperatures are cooler, conditions that are not conducive to evaporation, the effectiveness of scent is significantly hindered.  If there is too little or too much wind, scent delivery is also compromised.  Plus, how often do we recharge our scent set-up with a few drops of fresh scent?  Likely not very often?  As scent soaks into wherever we put it there is simply less scent to evaporate.  Perhaps it is time to re-think scent dispersal.


The Wyndscent™ Electronic Scent Vaporizer dispenses scent through vaporization

Introducing Wyndscent™ 2.0, the electronic scent vaporizer.  WYNDSCENT 2.0 Electronic Scent Vaporizer take prefilled vapor cartridges. The Wyndscent 2.0 turns liquid scent into vapor at either a 1 minute or 3 minute interval.



Smells stronger, lasts longer, travels farthur

Vaporized scent smells stronger.  Think about walking into a house where chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie are being baked in the oven.  You are immediately consumed by the powerful aroma of this vaporized goodness right away!  Compare this to a day later when that same pie or a few of those same cookies are on the kitchen counter but at room temperature.  Without the heat of baking, mere evaporation results in virtually no aroma.  It’s the same thing with scent.  When vaporized, it smells far stronger, lasts far longer (the lingered aroma in the house) and travels much farther.  Heating to the state of vaporization is the key.




NeverStop™ scent dispersal means fresh, vaporized scent every 60 seconds

Wyndscent™ is designed to place strategically so it emits scent from a position that gives you an advantage.  It works by automatically dispensing fresh, vaporized scent every 60 or 180 seconds.  Compare this to refreshing your scent pad every 60 seconds. Nobody ever does so!  This Never Stop scent dispersal, combined with the performance advantages of vaporized scent, is why Wyndscent is so amazingly effective compared to the old school way of using scent. And, because you can see the puffs of vaporized scent, Wyndscent also shows you wind direction.



Scent use is 10 times more efficient

And, lest you think Wyndscent will go through too much costly scent, consider the efficiency of turning a liquid into a gas.  Vaporized scent has a 10-to-1 efficiency advantage over liquid scent so you’ll be able to get plenty of hunting time out of a bottle of scent.


Guaranteed to make your favorite scent far more effective

Don’t rely on evaporation to deliver scent to the deer or to effectively cover your human scent.  Wyndscent and vaporization supercharge your attractant or cover scent making it far more effective than ever before. We are so confident that Wyndscent will make your scent use far more effective, we even guarantee it!