Fourth Arrow Brands Introduces WyndScent

Electronic VAPOR HUNTING Scent

Louisville, KY, January 5, 2016– Fourth Arrow brand officially introduces its flagship product, WyndSCENT. This revolutionary VAPOR HUNTING SCENT applicator houses and disburses proprietary scents. WyndSCENT aims to revolutionize the means in which hunters apply their scents in the field.
Fourth Arrow is a division of a larger corporate conglomerate that includes a retail packaging facility and design center, as well as a global product sourcing operation. The group also includes a digital marketing firm that has many years of experience in the hunting and outdoor industry.
Rob Wynalda, President & CEO of Fourth Arrow explains,

“Our mission at Fourth Arrow was and is to recreate the avid hunters ‘go-to’ products through the scope of technology with precision. WyndSCENT from its concept was a product we knew had great potential. Today, we believe WyndSCENT has the power to establish our brand in the (hunting) industry.”

Rob Wynalda and his team at Fourth Arrow believe WyndSCENT truly revolutionizes the way hunters use attractant and cover scents and that electronic vapor technology is the perfect solution for combining the two. Fourth Arrow research shows that vapor bonds to air molecules stronger than sprays, aerosol fog or liquid concentrate thus allowing it to carry farther in the wind. When vapor eventually settles to the ground, it clings to trees, leaves and soil leaving a powerful ground scent trail as well. Because vapor travels thermal patters and natural air currents it masks human odor and creates a phenomenal cover scent.

“This is a single product that solves 2 of the top issues for whitetail hunters – attracting deer and masking human odor. The whitetail hunters dream ‘two birds with one stone’ scenario.”
Calvin Beeke – Michigan Whitetail Pursuit

With a flagship product like WyndSCENT and access to critical resources internally, Fourth Arrow is capable of becoming a strong brand in the hunting and outdoor market.
Be on the lookout for additional Fourth Arrow products that are impress with quality and innovation.
If you would like more information about WyndSCENT, please contact Fourth Arrow by email at

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