You've been using Hunting Scents all Wrong. Here's Why.

You've been using Hunting Scents all Wrong. Here's Why.


It's no surprise that a whitetail's sense of smell is their first line of defense. Mature whitetails rely on it so heavily that they often position themselves so that each breeze and air current educates them on their surroundings. Fooling that sense of smell is no small task, but taking advantage of their dependency on it is certainly something worth doing.

Now let's face it- the majority of us have not had a whole lot of success with attractants. Deer might check them out when they come through out of curiosity but you rarely see a whitetail coming to you BECAUSE of the scent. There lies the problem. Traditional scents are too passive.

In order to produce a more proactive scent a few things are needed.


Right now when put out scents you either pour some urine on the ground or hang it from a branch using a wick of some sort. This is what hunters have done for ages. One of the problems with that dispersal system is that it becomes LESS potent as the hunt goes on. The strongest that scent will ever be (on most days) is the moment you take it out of the bottle.
You want something that continuously reapplies that scent. Wyndscent is the only scent dispersal system that reapplies scent incrementally throughout your hunt.


In order for any scent to be spread it has to be evaporated. For example, A cold apple pie has little to no odor while a warm apple pie is extremely fragrant. Although Apple Pie is a solid the warmth evaporates that pie, turning it to a vapor and spreading that scent.  The same applies to scents for hunting. The Wyndscent unit heats the scent and forces it to evaporate and travel farther, similar to an apple pie. This is a major benefit, especially in cold weather when very little heat is available to cause scents to naturally evaporate.


Vapor is the product of the scent being heated, so naturally it makes the scent more potent. Vapor is the perfect medium for dispersal as it also allows the scents to spread with the air currents without being influenced by gravity.

Now is the time. Look at your current gear. Do you have a proactive system that works to extend the range of your scent and draw in game or are you still using a passive system that relies on the proximity of your target animal?

Watch how game reacts to Wyndscent below!


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