Wyndscent Grenade

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    •    Wyndscent Grenade
    •    Doe In Estrus OR Scent Free Wyndstick

The Wyndscent™ Grenade Doe in Estrus is an innovative hand held system for perfectly timed vapor dispersal. Unlike traditional scents, the Wyndscent™ Grenade emits an air vapor for extended reach of scents and powerful visual wind detection. Replacement Wyndsticks for your Wyndscent™ Grenade can be purchased in a variety of different cover scents and attractants.

    •    Powerful wind indication
    •    Dispenses actual vaporized scents
    •    Cover and attractant scents available (as well as scent free)
    •    Long lasting scent cartridges (Wyndsticks will last a minimum of 300 puffs per stick)

Additional Wyndsticks can be purchased on our website. Note: sticks cannot be refilled or recharged. Sticks last a minimum of 300 puffs. Original Wyndscent refills, Wyndscent 2.0 cartridges, and ScentFIRE cartridges DO NOT work with this unit.