Wyndscent 2.0 Early Season Scent Pack

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Compatible with BOTH the Wyndscent 2.0 and Wyndscent Mini.

Our Early Season Pack is the perfect bundle of cover scents and food based attractants.


  • 1 cartridge of P7 Sanctuary
  • 1 cartridge of Apple Scent
  • 1 cartridge of Sweet Corn Scent
  • 1 cartridge of Vapor Shield Earth Scent

 Includes a FREE Wyndscent Mini unit for a limited time! Learn more about the Wyndscent Mini here. The Wyndscent Mini is not intended for cold weather use. For cold weather, check out the Wyndscent 2.0.

P7 Sanctuary is a great all season cover scent. It mimics a doe bedding area making any passing deer feel safe and relaxed. The Apple and Sweetcorn scents are great food source attractants to use any time of the year but especially early and late season when deer on are food to bed patterns. The Earth scent from Vapor Shield is a cover scent that is great for any location or time of the year.

  • Up To 40 hours of run time on the 3 minute mode
  • Over 12 hours on the 1 minute mode (Mini unit only has 1 minute mode)
  • Premium peak estrus scent
  • Perfect for attracting bucks during the rut
  • Disposable cartridge


These cartridges are compatible with the Wyndscent 2.0 only. Wyndscent 2.0 unit not included.


These scents are approved by the RHSA Deer Protection Program to protect against the contamination of CWD.


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