Wyndscent Cold Weather Guide

Cold weather has a negative impact on unit performance and following the below guidelines will help you as temps drop in the late season.

The Wyndscent 2.0 does much better in the cold than the Wyndscent Mini because it uses a high powered rechargeable battery.

Wyndscent Mini


  1. Make sure you are using only Lithium batteries. (See below graphic.) Lithium batteries function much better in cooler temps.
  2. Store your unit in a warm place before deployment. Don’t store your unit or batteries in a cold vehicle overnight. Try to keep your unit as warm as possible before deployment.
  3. If you notice your unit working at first but then it stops midway through your hunt, your batteries are either expired or your unit became too cold to function properly. The only solution for this is to warm up your unit.
  4. A great way to keep your unit warm enough to operate in cold temps is to use disposable hand warmers. You can either rubber band them to the outside of the unit or, better yet, take a small pair of gloves or mittens and put that around the main part of the unit and stuff a hand warmer down in the glove/mitten. This method has worked very well in cold temps in the field.


battery guide

Wyndscent 2.0

2.0 unit

  1. For the Wyndscent 2.0 unit, the high powered rechargeable battery works well in the cold. You will see vapor performance decrease as you get in really cold weather, but it does function fine colder weather. The scent itself will never freeze up on your with a Wyndscent tank. The battery is what takes the biggest performance hit in the cold. You will want to make sure to store your unit indoors and keep it warm as possible before deploying just like the Wyndscent Mini. Also, you will want to make sure you keep a good charge on your battery when its colder out.