Telescoping Stake

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The Telescoping Stake is the perfect tool for remote disbursement of Wyndscent™ scents. The Telescoping Stake is ideal for moist soils and allows you to adjust the height of disbursement.

    •    Extends out to 40 inches
    •    1/4 20 mount
    •    Works with the Wyndscent 2.0 Unit
    •    Can also be used to hold POV action cameras

With common male bolt thread, use the Wyndscent™ Telescoping Stake for other devices such as common point of view cameras as well as common trail cameras.

How to use

1. Select the location in which you plan to draw game to.

2. Connect your Wyndscent™ unit to the Telescoping Stake.

3. Place Telescoping Stake firmly into the soil and extend stake to your desired disbursement height.

4. Head to the tree or blind and watch Wyndscent™ Work!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great quality

I havent used this in the Field Yet but I have tried it in My Yard. It is Perfect for getting the 2.0 further off the Ground and where I Hunt I need that.. A++ from Me on the Stake!

Matt S
Matt (Middle-American Outdoors) ProStaff

Easy to use and it is great for quick set up. Love that I can stick it deep in the dirt and then raise the unit up a few feet to get better carry out and over the taller weeds.