Wyndscent 2.0 Early Season Scent Pack

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  • Up To 40 hours of run time on the 3 minute mode
  • Over 12 hours on the 1 minute mode (Mini unit only has 1 minute mode)
  • Premium peak estrus scent
  • Perfect for attracting bucks during the rut
  • Disposable cartridge

Compatible with BOTH the Wyndscent 2.0 and Wyndscent Mini.


  • 1 cartridge of P7 Sanctuary
  • 1 cartridge of Apple Scent
  • 1 cartridge of Sweet Corn Scent
  • 1 cartridge of Vapor Shield Earth Scent

Scent Predictor

Based upon your location, Scent Predictor can show you when to use each scent.


Wyndscent Cover vs Attractants

Customer Reviews

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Early season (4 pak)

I had purchased most of these scents individually last year. Glad to see that finally putting together combos. I have purchased 3Wyndscent units to battle the noses of the herd where I hunt. I hunt as much as I can from start to end of season. And having the variety of scents is critical. When trying to hunt as most hunters call phases. Depending on herd pressure. When a lead doe comes in on high alert. And you don’t want her screaming thru the woods. Scents like Sanctuary Scent and / or Ever calm seem to do the trick. Early season while still on crops and such. The food scents seem to bring them in. I still think the Estrous scents are the trickiest on timing. At least in Ohio/Pennsylvania area. I have watched mature bucks walk right thru an active scrape that I had all done up in my shooting lane. And walked over to a discreet hanging branch like a bird dog and stood in its hind legs rubbing its antlers and glands for 15 minutes. But I didn’t have any of the “Buck” only scents with me to change to. But I do now! Having the various scents available and ready to go is definitely an advantage I won’t pass up on. I am armed with multiple fobs at all times. And I am passing opportunities at mature bucks that most would beg to have on their walls. Bottom line… Get Wyndscent and get results.