Wyndscent 2.0 Whitetail and Bear Starter Kit

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Comes with everything you need to start vaporizing scent! Includes a scent for whitetail and a scent for bear. The P7 Seduction scent is our most popular doe in estrus scent perfect for luring in bucks during the rut. The donut shop scent is the ultimate black bear attractant.

The Wyndscent 2.0 has some great benefits and features that are huge improvements from the Original Wyndscent unit. The Wyndscent unit uses cartridges of scent instead of a refillable tank. This makes everything much less messy, and it makes it much easier to change out which scent you are running with your unit. Another added benefit of the 2.0 is you don’t have to take the battery out to charge the unit. There is a micro USB port directly on the unit for ease of charging. Vapor scent dispersal is easier and better than ever with the all new Wyndscent 2.0.


•    Wyndscent 2.0 unit with Remote control

•    Rechargeable battery

•    Micro USB charging cord

•    P7 Seduction Scent (Doe In Estrus)

•    Donut Shop Bear Scent


WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer provides for an ACTIVE scent dispersal that has revolutionized the scent industry. It allows our proprietary scents to smell stronger, travel farther, and last longer. We offer multiple cover scents and/or attractants from some of the best known brands in the scent industry.

WYNDSCENT 2.0 Electronic Scent Vaporizer uses disposable scent cartridges that will last up to 40 hours of run time. You can change the mode from the 1 minute mode to the 3 minute mode or to the standby mode from up to 32 yards away with the included remote. Our high efficiency RECHARGEABLE battery can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer is water resistant, works great even in cold temps, and can be hung from a tree or placed on our mini-tripods or stake. WYNDSCENT Electronic Scent Vaporizer is the most effective and versatile scent dispersing unit in the market today.

    •    Remote controlled out to 30 yards
    •    Vapor scent dispersal for long range of scent travel
    •    Cover and attractant scents available
    •    Easy to operate
    •    3 minute and 1 minute dispersal modes
    •    Up to 40 hours of run time per scent cartridge
    •    Up to 40 hours of run time per battery charge
    •    Very effective for luring your game into shooting range or for masking human scent