Levi Morgan Relies On Wyndscent

Levi Morgan Relies On Wyndscent

By Tracy Breen

Like many hunters, Levi Morgan has had a love/hate relationship with deer scents. “I have known that using deer scents has some benefit, but using deer scents also has many drawbacks,” Morgan said. “For starters, deer lure is smelly and messy. Once a bit of scent is on your boots or clothing, it is there to stay. I am hesitant to use it because it is so messy. The Wyndscent unit has changed that.”


A Wyndscent uses vaporized scent and the scent is contained in a cartridge, so deer hunters don’t have to worry about deer urine spilling in the truck, getting on their hunting clothes, or contaminating a hunting area with old lure that could in fact spook the deer. “Until Wyndscent came along, using deer scent was very final,” Morgan noted. “Once it was on the ground, on my boots, or clothing there was no putting it back in the bottle. What I love about the Wyndscent is I can carefully place the unit in the field and with the remote, turn the unit on and off from the stand without worrying about getting human odor on the ground. I can turn it on and off when I want to.”


Another reason Levi Morgan enjoys using a Wyndscent is because the vaporized scent can help him outsmart big bucks. “The wind is never perfect when hunting. You never know exactly when a buck is going to come in on the downwind side and bust you,” Morgan said. “I like having two Wyndscent units out and have the scent blowing to my downwind side so if a buck gets a little human odor, it might also catch the scent from the Wyndscent. If I can confuse a buck for a minute, sometimes it is long enough to get a shot.”


Levi Morgan enjoys hunting over a deer decoy. “Hunting over a decoy can be a lot of fun. The downside is when a buck comes in, he expects the decoy to smell like a deer. To add a bit of realism to my setup when I am hunting with a decoy, I like to put a Wyndscent unit under the decoy so when a buck approaches the decoy it smells like the real thing. All the little details can make a big difference when hunting deer and using a Wyndscent makes a decoy setup more realistic which can increase my odds of getting a buck within bow range.”



One of the greatest advantages of hunting over vaporized scent is that testing shows that heated vapor scent can be smelled by animals hundreds of yards away. If you are looking to get the most out of your deer scent this year, do what Levi Morgan does and hunt with a Wyndscent unit.
Many of the most poplar deer scents on the market are available in a Wyndscent cartridge including Conquest Scents, Code Blue, and many more.


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