Roger Raglin Kills A Monster Buck

Roger Raglin Kills A Monster Buck

One of the most recognized faces in outdoor television is Roger Raglin from Roger Raglin Outdoors. Raglin has been on outdoor television for decades. Raglin has hunted across the world but one of his favorite places to hunt is in Southern Texas. “Texas holds lots of large bucks and I have a few ranches that I really enjoy hunting,” Raglin said. “I’ve been hunting at one ranch in particular for twelve years because there are a lot of large bucks on the ranch.”

The problem with this ranch last year was the ranch was partially flooded which forced Raglin to hunt a different part of the ranch. “There is a certain blind on the ranch I like to hunt out of, but the area was under water last year so I had to go to plan B,” Raglin noted.


Plan B required a north wind but Raglin really wanted to hunt the stand so he brought his Wyndscent unit with him on a day when there was a south wind. “I really like the Wyndscent because the vapor scent is extremely strong and I believe it helps outsmart big bucks and cover my scent when the wind is questionable,” said Raglin.

When Raglin climbed into his blind last fall, he turned his Wyndscent unit on, placed it out in front of his blind, and let the unit go to work. “I love the unit because I can just hit the button on my remote and dispense scent whenever I want to. Wouldn’t you know it?  A big buck showed up and I am sure the Wyndscent unit helped me outsmart the buck.”


The buck that the Wyndscent helped outsmart wasn’t just any buck; it was the largest buck Raglin had ever seen on this ranch. “The buck ended up being a160-class toad! I couldn’t believe it!  Everything has to roll your way to kill a buck like that and wind is often the one thing that is out of our control that ruins many hunts. The strong vapor scent that the Wyndscent produces often helps me outsmart bucks when the wind in wrong.”


The Wyndscent unit has many advantages over traditional scent which is why Raglin uses it. “I have always been a fan of using deer urine when hunting.  The Wyndscent brings deer scents to the next level.  Heated vapor scents travel further than scents you pour on the ground. You can operate the unit remotely from a stand or blind so there is less human odor contamination near the area where the unit is placed verses when scent is poured onto the ground. The benefits are many,” Raglin noted.

Watch the whole hunt go down here.

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