Using Cover Scents While Hunting

Using Cover Scents While Hunting

As whitetail hunters we all know the hardest thing to beat is a deer’s nose. We can wear all the latest and greatest camo patterns, but it is the deer’s nose that will pick us out no matter how much we visually blend in. Being as scent free as possible with your apparel and making sure to hunt only when the wind is right is super important. However, there is no absolute way to make sure deer don’t get down wind. When deer do go downwind anything you can use to make sure they don’t detect your presence is super important. Using cover scents is a super effective way to help mask human odor and to keep downwind deer calm.

Wyndscent Takes Cover Scents Farther

People have used cover scents to mask human scent for years. A variety of scents and scent forms have been used for generations. The problem with many cover scents is they don’t last long, and they don’t travel very far. Liquid scent quickly evaporates and then isn’t potent once it does. Also, traditional scents don’t work very effectively in the cold because the cold weather inhibits evaporation. Wyndscent solves that problem. With the Wyndscent 2.0 unit scents are heated up and released in a vapor form. Vapor smells stronger, lasts longer, and travels further. The Wyndscent unit vaporizes scent on intervals during your entire hunt so it isn’t just one and done like so many scent dispensers. Plus, Wyndscent is very effective in cold temps. Wyndscent offers a large variety of cover scents for any hunting situation.


Single Unit Strategy

The most popular way to use Wyndscent as a cover scent is to run the unit up in the tree with you or on the ground below you. If a deer happens to walk down wind of you, the vaporized scent effectively masks human scent. You still need to hunt the wind when using cover scents. Using cover scents and scent control for your clothing isn’t a guarantee that a deer won’t pick up your scent now in then. You still need to be smart about wind direction while using Wyndscent but Wyndscent can give you a huge advantage that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Check out this video from Raised Hunting where David Holder talks how he uses the Wyndscent unit.

Double Unit Strategy

Another popular way to use Wyndscent as a cover scent is to use two units placed to the right and left of you. Often people will use two attractant scents in this scenario. If deer try to go down wind of you either on one side or the other, they will catch the scent stream of the Wyndscent unit first. If you are using an attractant, hopefully the deer will follow the scent stream in to your unit and allow you to take a shot. Check out this video from Levi Morgan as he talks through these two strategies for using cover scents.

Changing Up Your Scents

A big tip when it comes to using cover scents is to change up your scent from hunt to hunt. Let’s say a deer goes downwind one day and smells a certain cover scent. Well, if you use that same cover scent hunt after hunt in that spot, the deer might catch on to what is going on. What you don’t want to happen is for that deer to start to associate a certain cover scent with a hunter. That is why it is super important to change up your cover scents when hunting in the same general area. Wyndscent has a very large variety of cover scents. Wyndscent offers P7 Sanctuary, Conquest Evercalm, Nose Down Bedding Area 51, Vapor Shield Vanillin, Vapor Shield Earth, Apple, Pine, Acorn, and Sweetcorn. No matter where you are hunting Wyndscent has a cover scent that will meet your needs.

Cover scents are super important in helping you get more opportunities at shooting a deer. Using Wyndscent as not only an attractant but also as a cover scent can help you be more successful in the woods this fall.

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