Wyndscent 2.0 All Season Scent Pack

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    •    Up To 40 hours of run time per cartridge (on the 3 minute mode)
    •    Cover scents and urine based attractants
    •    Perfect for masking human scent and luring bucks during the rut
    •    Disposable cartridges

Compatible with BOTH the Wyndscent 2.0 and Wyndscent Mini.


  • 1 cartridge of P7 Sanctuary (Cover Scent)
  • 1 cartridge of P7 Crossroads (Doe Urine, Estrus, and Buck Urine)
  • 1 cartridge of P7 Seduction (Doe Estrus)
  • 1 cartridge of Apple Scent

Scent Predictor

Based upon your location, Scent Predictor will let you know when to use each scent.


Wyndscent Cover vs Attractants With Tom Petry