Wyndscent 2.0 P7 Stud Premium Buck Scent Cartridge

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  • Up To 40 hours of run time on the 3 minute mode
  • Over 12 hours on the 1 minute mode (Mini unit only has 1 minute mode)
  • Premium buck scent
  • Perfect for attracting bucks during the early and mid rut
  • Disposable cartridge

Compatible with BOTH the Wyndscent 2.0 and Wyndscent Mini. Vaporizer unit not included.



This scent is approved by theRHSA Deer Protection Programto protect against the contamination of CWD.

Wyndscent Cover vs Attractants

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J. A.
I am convinced

I used my Wyndscent vaporizer for the first time this past weekend with the P7 Stud Premium Buck scent. Had been seeing this buck on camera in the food plot later in the night. I hunted this same stand for 3 straight evenings using this buck scent and on the 3rd hunt he came in at around 5:05 pm with not a worry. I am convinced the scent brought this 10 point in early and gave me a good shot. This was my first 10 point killed.In a couple of weeks I will try the Premium doe estrus and I am confident it will work just as well.

Kyle Simonis
100% attribute to doe harvest

During the rut I had stud scent going from p7 line up , and the Doe went up the hill and around me 80 yards and worked it's way down the field on the opposite side with no shot available when she got down wind stopped putting her nose in the air and literally walked straight to me smelling. I think that harvest was 100% possible because of the wyndscent unit. She would of never crossed that field if she would of smelt me first or if the stud scent spooked her. Instead she walked straight to it like who is that. I had a rough season getting a doe so this was worth it just as much as any of my other hunting gear. It's made a believer out of me.

Ted Polanowdki
Stud buck Dorks

I’ve used Stud scent for the last 2 years and I’ve shot a buck on Oct 25 2020 and October 24 2021 and the have came in on this scent. It’s a great early season to pre rut, seems to fire up the bucks in my area and I’m using it now on all my hunts. It works!
Thank you for a product that I now have confidence in.