Wyndscent Tripod

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The Tripod is durable and portable and the ideal accessory for remote disbursement of scents from the Wyndscent unit. The Tripod accessory is perfect for dry, impenetrable soils and helps to maintain a ground-level profile of the Wyndscent™ unit.

•    Collapsible design
    •    1/4 20 mount
    •    Works with the Wyndscent 2.0 unit
    •    Can also be used to hold POV action cameras

How to use

1. Select the location in which you plan to draw game to.

2. Connect your Wyndscent™ unit to the Tripod.

3. Place Tripod on level ground.

4. Head to the tree or blind and watch Wyndscent™ work!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gary S
Supreme Customer Service

I've never dealt with a better company to resolve my scent cartridge problem. You deserve more than 5 Stars.

Gary S
Great Idea

I had a problem with removal of the scent cartridge the first time I used mine. I have contacted Wyndscent and will wait for response. I will give another review after this issue is resolved.

Tyler K
Min tripod for the win

If you own a original Or the 2.0 you need one. Well built and you can use it any where

Adrian P
Tripod is awesome!!!

I used this tripod under a decoy and it was super effective!!!!!!

John R
Mini but mighty

Great little accessory to use with the vapor unit. Small, lite, packable. Helps stabilize the vapor unit on about any surface. Also keep dirt and mud from getting in the threads if you set it on the ground. A must have!