Deer Scent and Deer Call Deluxe Kit

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As hunters we use the art of deception to lure in our prey. We use sight, sound, and smell to try to bring those big bucks in. This is the perfect combo pack to attract bucks with both sound and smell. Inlcudes our Whitetail Starter Pack plus a couple extra scent as well as a Duel Game Grunt Tube and a Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer Call.


  • Wyndscent 2.0 Unit
  • Wyndscent Mini Tripod
  • Wyndcase
  • P7 Seduction Scent (doe in heat)
  • P7 Sanctuary Scent (calming scent)
  • Apple scent
  • Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer Call
  • Grunt Tube