Wyndscent Mini

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  • Vapor scent dispersal for long range of scent travel
  • Cover and attractant scents available
  • Easy on and off use (no remote)
  • Disperses scent every 60 seconds
  • Over 12 hours of run time per scent cartridge
  • Very effective for luring your game into shooting range or for masking human scent
  • Includes 1/4" 20 threading for use with our accessories

NOTE: all Wyndscent 2.0 scent cartridges are compatible with the Wyndscent Mini.



  • Wyndscent Mini Unit
  • Wyndscent Scent Cartridge (optional)

AA Lithium batteries not included. Use only lithium batteries for best performance.

Vaporized scent every 60 seconds

Mess-free scent cartridges to last over 12 hours of continuous scent

30+ scents available

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chad Moseley

This is by far the BEST product I’ve EVER used. Not only did it bring the bucks in, (nice 8pt)but it had him walking nose down straight to the source…
Looking forward to seeing how the bear scent works in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for a great product!

Joseph vannaman
Customer service

Product works great but the mini box no so well only had it a few days and it won’t send out the vapor if I had know I would have bought the bigger one and the weather has not even been that could yet if I had not spend the money on the little one I will try the bigger one next time

George Michalik
One and done

Took it to Maine hunting, worked for one puff of scent, then stopped. Put new batteries in it and would not work.

Ok til it gets cold

Worked fine until it got cold - solved that by using a hot hands and a camo koozie. Also - use lithium batteries.

Battery Recommendations

Regular alkaline batteries don’t last. Pump will come (can hear it) on but no vapor is seen. This was resolved for me by using lithium batteries. I purchased some rechargeable lithium batteries online. So far, good results. No issues.