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      When To Use Different Scents for Wyndscent

      When To Use Different Scents for Wyndscent

      You might have scrolled through our list of available scents and said, “Wow! There are a lot of scents to choose from. Which scent should I use and when?” To help you understand each scent, we have divided the scents into categories based upon when and how you would use each.

      Early Season Scents

      Cover Scents

      During the early season, deer are in a food to bed pattern. They spend a lot of their time browsing ag land and food plots. Using a food plot as your deer attractant and hunting the edge of the plot is a great early season strategy. Early season is a great time to run cover scents in your Wyndscent unit. We’ve had great success ourselves with cover scents and have heard many stories from others where cover scents in the Wyndscent unit have kept deer from busting.

      Here is a list of great early season cover scents.

          •    P7 Sanctuary
          •    Conquest Evercalm
          •    Wyndscent Pine

      P7 Sanctuary and Conquest Evercalm have been our most popular cover scents. They are a blend of earthy tones mixed with doe urine. Deer feel safe when they smell the familiar tones of these two scents keeping them calm if they go down wind of you. Pine is a great cover scent if you are hunting in or near pine trees.

      Unit Placement: When using a cover scent, place unit on the ground below or near you, or run it up in the stand with you.

      Attractant Scents

      Because deer are mainly looking for food during the early season, using a food source attractant scent is a great strategy. Below are some great options available for the Wyndscent unit.

          •    Wyndscent Apple
          •    Wyndscent Sweetcorn
          •    Wyndscent Acorn
          •    Rack Getter Addictive Sweet Corn


      Unit Placement: When using an attractant scent, place unit around 30 yards away from you and take advantage of a cross wind.


      Scents During the Rut

      As soon as the rut starts kicking in, that is the time to switch to a doe estrus or buck scent. There are two main strategies when it comes to attracting bucks during the rut. #1. You can try to attract them with the scent of a hot doe. #2. You can try to get them to come and challenge a buck in their territory with a buck urine scent. Another strategy is to run two units during the rut: one unit with buck scent and one unit with doe estrus.

      We have many different doe estrus scents to choose from. Below is a list of the different scents with some details about each.

          •    P7 Seduction
               ⁃    Premium doe estrus scent
          •    Conquest VS-1
               ⁃    Doe urine and vaginal secretions taken during peak estrus
          •    Pure Whitetail Lady White Lightning
               ⁃    Only from 1 doe named Lady
               ⁃    Peak estrus doe urine
          •    Pure Whitetail Wild Thing
               ⁃    Only from 1 doe named Wild Thing
               ⁃    Premium doe estrus
          •    Roger Raglin Maniac 150
               ⁃    Doe estrus urine and interdigital gland
          •    Roger Raglin Maniac 155
               ⁃    Doe estrus urine and tarsal gland
          •    Rack Getter Hot To Trot
               ⁃    Peak estrus urine with doe glands
          •    Wyndscent Synthetic Estrus
               ⁃    100% synthetic for states that don’t permit real urine

      Though not as popular as using doe urine, buck urine is an effective way to challenge bucks to come on in during the rut. Below are some buck scents that we offer.

          •    Conquest Rutting Buck
          •    Pure Whitetail Cash
          •    Rack Getter Rutz Up


      Unit Placement: When using an attractant scent, place unit around 30 yards away from you and take advantage of a cross wind.


      Late Season Scents

      When the rut ends, it is time to switch back to food based attractants and cover scents. Deer are burned out after the rut. They are in search of food and are increasingly wary of human presence due to hunting pressure throughout the season.

      Knowing which scent to use is all about knowing what deer are searching for before, during, and after the rut. With the correct cover and attractant scents, you greatly increase your odds of success in the field.


      Scent Cans VS The Wyndscent 2.0 Scent Vaporizer

      Scent Cans VS The Wyndscent 2.0 Scent Vaporizer

      Using cover and attractants scents is something us hunters have been doing for years and years. Using scent can really increase your chance of success in the field. There are many different ways we have used scent over the years from dumping scent on the ground, to putting it on a rag or wick, to dispersing it from a scent can. The problem with the traditional way of using scent is once the scent evaporates, the scent is mostly gone. The only way to refresh the scent is to get down and put out some more scent. In the cold, scent evaporates very slowly meaning the scent will not be very potent. Vaporizing your hunting scent solves the issues we experienced with traditional scent use.

      In this article we will be comparing using a scent can to using the Wyndscent 2.0 scent vaporizer unit.


      Lasts Longer, More Cost Effective

      Scent cans have been a very popular way of dispersing attractant scent. The high pressure aerosol can allows you the spray the scent wherever you like. The disadvantage of this system is you only have 90 seconds of scent dispersal from most scent cans. Of course, you won’t use all that in one spot, but scent cans don’t last long for the price and for how big and bulky they are.

      Wyndscent on the other hand lasts a long time. One vapor cartridge for the Wyndscent 2.0 lasts up to 40 hours of run time on the 1 minute mode and up to 120 hours on the 3 minute mode. That is a LONG time for just one scent cartridge. It takes 106 scent cans to equal 1 Wyndscent 2.0 vapor cartridge when it comes to scent dispersal time.

      No Mess

      No matter what you do, it seems you always get a little urine on yourself when using traditional scents including scent cans. Wyndscent takes care of that problem. Wyndscent scent cartridges are sealed and allow you to use scent without coming home smelling like deer urine.

      Better for the Environment

      We already mentioned that it takes 106 scent cans to equal 1 Wyndscent 2.0 cartridge. All those cans will end up in the land fill. The much smaller and longer lasting Wyndscent 2.0 cartridges are much more environmentally responsible.

      More Effective

      Vaporizing scent is much more effective than spraying scent on something. The Wyndscent 2.0 unit emits vaporized scent every minute or every 3 minutes giving you continuous scent dispersal. That would be like spraying scent on the ground every minute to refreshen the area. Another advantage of vapor is it isn’t effected by gravity and carries with the wind really well. We have had animals come in from a long ways off to investigate the scent edited from the Wyndscent 2.0 unit.

      We have had excellent results using Wyndscent, and we hope that you will give it a try as well. Wyndscent really changes the game when it comes to scents. Using Wyndscent will save you money in the long run and will make using scent much easier and much more effective.

      Fourth Arrow Brands Partners with Levi Morgan and Bow Life TV

      Fourth Arrow Brands Partners with Levi Morgan and Bow Life TV

      Fourth Arrow Brands, makers of Fourth Arrow Camera Arms, Wyndscent, and the Final Rest Shooting System is proud to announce their partnership with professional archer, Levi Morgan and Bowlife TV for 2020.
      Levi Morgan is one of the most recognizable faces in the archery industry and his show, Bow Life, is extremely popular with bowhunters and archers across America. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms is proud to be part of his popular show. “Fourth Arrow Camera Arms are extremely versatile,” said Levi Morgan. “Whether I am filming a hunt from a treestand or filming from a blind, the Fourth Arrow Camera arm system is easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to transport.”
      Levi spends most of his fall chasing big game animals across North America and utilizes Wyndscent products on all of his trips. “I use the Wyndscent Grenade when I need to check the wind and the Wyndscent unit when I am decoying big bucks. Wyndscent products are on the cutting edge of scent technology and outperform all the other scent products I have used in the past.”


      levi morgan
      When Levi is not out trying to fill his own tags, he is busy introducing his children to the sport of hunting. “When I take my son hunting, we often hunt from a blind.  The Final Rest Shooting System really comes in handy when we are hunting with a crossbow,” said Morgan. “Kids need a stable shooting rest when they are hunting.  It helps them aim properly and keep their confidence up. The Final Rest Shooting system is the ultimate shooting system for kids and adults. It is lightweight, packable, and doesn’t take up much space in a blind.”


      levi morgan

      Top 20 Boone and Crockett Saskatchewan Black Bear Shot By Michigan Hunter

      Top 20 Boone and Crockett Saskatchewan Black Bear Shot By Michigan Hunter

      By Tracy Breen

      With all the technology available today, very few big game animals fly below the radar. Most animals are spotted on a trail camera long before a hunter decides to tag him. But even with all of today’s technology, every once in a while a big game animal flies below the radar. This was the case with a monster black bear that was recently harvested by Mark Wynalda while he was hunting in Saskatchewan. “My dad and I had been hunting the same stand for four or five days before we saw the big bear I eventually killed.   None of us - the outfitter, my dad, or I - had seen the big bear on any of our scouting cameras.  We were completely surprised the moment he walked in,” Wynalda said.


      bear hunt

      Mark's bear come in right down wind of the Wyndscent 2.0 unit running donut shop scent.

      Judging the size of a black bear when it walks in front of you can be very difficult.  However, Wynalda knew as soon as he saw the big bruin, that he was indeed a monster bear.  “The bear walked in on the down wind side of our Wyndscent unit.  I instantly knew he was an extremely large bear,” Wynalda noted.  The bear walked into the bait and Wynalda had to wait for the perfect shot.  “I was using a crossbow and testing out our new Fourth Arrow Final Rest Shooting System so luckily the crossbow was locked in place and ready for the shot the moment I saw him. We didn’t have to maneuver the bow or get into position which was a good thing, because I was super excited as the bear worked his way around the bait.”


      bear hunt

      Mark takes aim using the Final Rest Pillar Triple Arm Kit.


      bear hunt

      Mark's hunt is caught on film using the Fourth Arrow Carbon Arm.

      Eventually Wynalda was able to make a good shot on the bear and was amazed how big the bear was when he walked up on the it. The bear has a 21-15/16” size skull and will be one of the top 20 bears ever taken in Saskatchewan.  It is also one of the top 250 Boone & Crocket Black Bears of all time.


      bear hunt

      Mark's 21 and 15/16" bear skull next to a good sized 17" bear skull.

      This amazing story just proves that you never know when a record book animal is going to walk out during hunting season. Game cameras make most of us believe we know what animals are on our property and when. Hunting is still hunting and sometimes the smartest of critters avoid being caught on camera for years.

      Watch the hunt below!

      Field Judging Bears 101

      Field Judging Bears 101

      By Tracy Breen

      Bear season is upon us.  Soon hunters will be heading into the woods hoping to shoot a big bruin. For many hunters, knowing what a big bruin truly looks like can be a challenge. My dad was a full-time taxidermist my entire childhood. Most hunters who dropped off a bear to be mounted swore that when they shot the bear it was 400 pounds only to be in complete shock to find out when they walked up on their bear that it was only 125 pounds. This type of scenario happens all the time because judging the size and age of a bear while hunting is extremely difficult.
      Bernie Barringer is a full-time outdoor writer based in Minnesota and the bowhunting columnist for Bear Hunting Magazine. Over the years, he has killed over two dozen bears. He believes the bear is the most difficult game animal in the woods to size up. “Deer have horns on their head; other animals have distinctive features that a hunter can use to estimate the size and age of an animal. A black bear, on the other hand, often just looks like a large black blob and if a person hasn’t hunted them much, the first one they look at will look huge.”  Many bear hunters shoot the first bear they see. This can be a huge mistake. Below Barringer will provide a few tips to help bear hunters field judge black bears.
      One of the easiest ways to determine the size of a bear is by looking at the bear next to a bait barrel. Most most barrels have a ring around the middle of the barrel. You can use this ring as a size estimator. “If a bear walks next to a barrel and it only measures up to the middle ring on the barrel, it is a small bear,” Barringer said. “If the bear walks by and it is as high as the top ring or higher as it walks by, it is a big bear. If a person really wants to shoot a big bear, this is a great way to determine their size.”


      bear hunting

      The size of a bear’s head is another thing to look at when judging the size of a bear. “A small bear often appears to have large ears and a smaller head. A large boar will often have a large blocky head and smaller ears. A sow, on the other hand, typically has a long narrow face.”
      According to Barringer, a big boar will also have large blocky shoulders. “A big male will have a large chest and shoulders. A sow usually is shaped more like a pear. She will have a smaller, narrow chest and a large back end. Sows can be big, but if a hunter is really looking for something special, they should hold out for a large boar.”
      One great way to determine the height of a bear is by putting a Wyndscent vaporizing unit five or six feet above the ground in a tree near the bait when hunting. The vaporized Donut Shop scent will draw bears in and when they smell the scent up in the tree, they will likely stand on their hind legs to see if they can reach the unit. When they stand up, you will be able to easily judge their height.
      According to Barringer, if you want to kill a big bear you must be patient. “The more bears you see in the wild, the better you get at accurately judging their size. I tell people they should visit a zoo and look at a few bears up close before they leave on a hunt. This will allow them to study the size of the animal when their heart isn’t racing.”
      The average size of the bears my dad mounted over the years probably averaged 175-225 pounds. If you want to kill one larger than that, plan on being patient and using the tricks above to field judge the bears that visit your bait site.