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      Using Cover Scents While Hunting

      Using Cover Scents While Hunting

      As whitetail hunters we all know the hardest thing to beat is a deer’s nose. We can wear all the latest and greatest camo patterns, but it is the deer’s nose that will pick us out no matter how much we visually blend in. Being as scent free as possible with your apparel and making sure to hunt only when the wind is right is super important. However, there is no absolute way to make sure deer don’t get down wind. When deer do go downwind anything you can use to make sure they don’t detect your presence is super important. Using cover scents is a super effective way to help mask human odor and to keep downwind deer calm.

      Wyndscent Takes Cover Scents Farther

      People have used cover scents to mask human scent for years. A variety of scents and scent forms have been used for generations. The problem with many cover scents is they don’t last long, and they don’t travel very far. Liquid scent quickly evaporates and then isn’t potent once it does. Also, traditional scents don’t work very effectively in the cold because the cold weather inhibits evaporation. Wyndscent solves that problem. With the Wyndscent 2.0 unit scents are heated up and released in a vapor form. Vapor smells stronger, lasts longer, and travels further. The Wyndscent unit vaporizes scent on intervals during your entire hunt so it isn’t just one and done like so many scent dispensers. Plus, Wyndscent is very effective in cold temps. Wyndscent offers a large variety of cover scents for any hunting situation.


      Single Unit Strategy

      The most popular way to use Wyndscent as a cover scent is to run the unit up in the tree with you or on the ground below you. If a deer happens to walk down wind of you, the vaporized scent effectively masks human scent. You still need to hunt the wind when using cover scents. Using cover scents and scent control for your clothing isn’t a guarantee that a deer won’t pick up your scent now in then. You still need to be smart about wind direction while using Wyndscent but Wyndscent can give you a huge advantage that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Check out this video from Raised Hunting where David Holder talks how he uses the Wyndscent unit.

      Double Unit Strategy

      Another popular way to use Wyndscent as a cover scent is to use two units placed to the right and left of you. Often people will use two attractant scents in this scenario. If deer try to go down wind of you either on one side or the other, they will catch the scent stream of the Wyndscent unit first. If you are using an attractant, hopefully the deer will follow the scent stream in to your unit and allow you to take a shot. Check out this video from Levi Morgan as he talks through these two strategies for using cover scents.

      Changing Up Your Scents

      A big tip when it comes to using cover scents is to change up your scent from hunt to hunt. Let’s say a deer goes downwind one day and smells a certain cover scent. Well, if you use that same cover scent hunt after hunt in that spot, the deer might catch on to what is going on. What you don’t want to happen is for that deer to start to associate a certain cover scent with a hunter. That is why it is super important to change up your cover scents when hunting in the same general area. Wyndscent has a very large variety of cover scents. Wyndscent offers P7 Sanctuary, Conquest Evercalm, Nose Down Bedding Area 51, Vapor Shield Vanillin, Vapor Shield Earth, Apple, Pine, Acorn, and Sweetcorn. No matter where you are hunting Wyndscent has a cover scent that will meet your needs.

      Cover scents are super important in helping you get more opportunities at shooting a deer. Using Wyndscent as not only an attractant but also as a cover scent can help you be more successful in the woods this fall.

      The Virginia Ghost Buck

      The Virginia Ghost Buck

      Virginia is a state that is not known for producing large bucks.  The state of Virginia has many hunters and it is legal to hunt deer with dogs, so it is safe to say the state receives a lot of hunting pressure, which makes it nearly impossible for bucks to reach their full potential.  David Slaybaugh, a Virginia resident, was one deer hunter who was able to beat the odds.   He recently killed a buck at a hunting club that he’s a member of that scored over 160 inches.   “When people think of a hunting club, they think the hunting is easy, but that is not always the case.  At our hunting club, there is a lot of hunting pressure so my brother and I had to work extra hard to get this buck,” Slaybaugh explained.

      wyndscent buck

      Slaybaugh has had the buck he eventually killed on camera for several years but the buck was notorious for only showing himself at night. “We knew where this buck bedded so we decided we would put in a food plot close to his bedroom in hopes that he would come out into the food plot during daylight,” Slaybaugh noted. “We didn’t get the food plot in until the middle of September so it was late in the year for putting in a plot, but it worked.”

      Food plots often end up being a food source that attracts does more than bucks and that is ok, especially during the rut. “Most of the pictures that we got of the buck were in the middle of the night and he was always following a doe. He would never walk out in the food plot during the daylight. I knew he was often working the edge of the food plot so I decided to change to a different treestand the night I killed him.  It paid off.”

      The night Slaybaugh killed the buck he was using a bleat can and  a Wyndscent unit. “Here in Virginia, we can use doe urine so I was using the Wyndscent unit with Synthetic scent. It really worked well,” Slaybaugh said. “I was bleating when the buck showed himself and I could see his lip curling because he was smelling the Wyndscent unit. The buck could hear a doe and smell a doe so he was standing there looking for a doe.  This gave me time to get my gun ready for the shot. Eventually I was able to make my shot. There is no question the Wyndscent unit helped me get this buck. I wasn’t a big fan of having to use synthetic scents but they do work well.”


      virginia buck

      When trying to outsmart big bucks, paying attention to all the details and setting a trap can help increase the odds of success. Mock scrapes, deer scents, rattling, bleating and grunting are just a few of the things hunters can do to bring a buck out of hiding during daylight when he would typically never show himself. In this case, the bleating and the Wyndscent unit were a deadly combo.

      More states are making it illegal to use real deer urine when hunting. Synthetic urines are a great option and the P7 synthetic estrus is a great choice for hunters who have a Wyndscent unit.


      virginia buck

      Wyndscent 2.0 Troubleshooting Steps

      Wyndscent 2.0 Troubleshooting Steps


      Here are a few quick trouble shooting steps if your Wyndscent 2.0 unit doesn’t seem to be working as it should.


      First, make sure you put the battery in with the positive side in first. The positive side is the side with the black ring. Before using the unit, make sure you give the unit a good charge. It can take some time for the high powered vape battery to get fully charged. Once you have it charged up, you are all ready to use it in the field.

      Vaporizing Scent

      To start vaporizing scent, screw the scent cartridges down onto the unit. Make sure not to screw them down too tight. Just finger tight is fine. Turn the unit on by holding the power button down for 5 seconds. The lights on the unit should turn on. You should be able to manually fire the unit by tapping the power button. If your unit does not appear to be vaping, take the scent cartridge out of the unit. Then pull down on the copper connector on the bottom of the scent cartridge. You’ll want to pull it down till it is flush with the bottom of the scent cartridge. Screw the scent cartridge back onto the unit and you should be good to go. Pulling down on the copper connector gives the cartridge a better connection to the unit and usually fixes any issues with your unit not vaping.


      If your remote isn’t working, there is an easy way to fix that problem. Take the battery out of the remote and reinstall it. That gives the remote a hard reset, and usually fixes any issues with your remote.

      Screwing on Scent Cartridges

      When you screw a scent cartridge onto your unit, make sure to grab both the top section and the glass section. You don’t want to grab just the top cap when you put the cartridge on or take it off your unit. The cap is threaded on the cartridge and it is best to grab both the glass and cap to avoid any issues.

      If you have any questions or have any issues, please email us at Good luck in the woods this season!

      When To Use Different Scents for Wyndscent

      When To Use Different Scents for Wyndscent

      You might have scrolled through our list of available scents and said, “Wow! There are a lot of scents to choose from. Which scent should I use and when?” To help you understand each scent, we have divided the scents into categories based upon when and how you would use each.

      Early Season Scents

      Cover Scents

      During the early season, deer are in a food to bed pattern. They spend a lot of their time browsing ag land and food plots. Using a food plot as your deer attractant and hunting the edge of the plot is a great early season strategy. Early season is a great time to run cover scents in your Wyndscent unit. We’ve had great success ourselves with cover scents and have heard many stories from others where cover scents in the Wyndscent unit have kept deer from busting.

      Here is a list of great early season cover scents.

          •    P7 Sanctuary
          •    Conquest Evercalm
          •    Wyndscent Pine

      P7 Sanctuary and Conquest Evercalm have been our most popular cover scents. They are a blend of earthy tones mixed with doe urine. Deer feel safe when they smell the familiar tones of these two scents keeping them calm if they go down wind of you. Pine is a great cover scent if you are hunting in or near pine trees.

      Unit Placement: When using a cover scent, place unit on the ground below or near you, or run it up in the stand with you.

      Attractant Scents

      Because deer are mainly looking for food during the early season, using a food source attractant scent is a great strategy. Below are some great options available for the Wyndscent unit.

          •    Wyndscent Apple
          •    Wyndscent Sweetcorn
          •    Wyndscent Acorn
          •    Rack Getter Addictive Sweet Corn


      Unit Placement: When using an attractant scent, place unit around 30 yards away from you and take advantage of a cross wind.


      Scents During the Rut

      As soon as the rut starts kicking in, that is the time to switch to a doe estrus or buck scent. There are two main strategies when it comes to attracting bucks during the rut. #1. You can try to attract them with the scent of a hot doe. #2. You can try to get them to come and challenge a buck in their territory with a buck urine scent. Another strategy is to run two units during the rut: one unit with buck scent and one unit with doe estrus.

      We have many different doe estrus scents to choose from. Below is a list of the different scents with some details about each.

          •    P7 Seduction
               ⁃    Premium doe estrus scent
          •    Conquest VS-1
               ⁃    Doe urine and vaginal secretions taken during peak estrus
          •    Pure Whitetail Lady White Lightning
               ⁃    Only from 1 doe named Lady
               ⁃    Peak estrus doe urine
          •    Pure Whitetail Wild Thing
               ⁃    Only from 1 doe named Wild Thing
               ⁃    Premium doe estrus
          •    Roger Raglin Maniac 150
               ⁃    Doe estrus urine and interdigital gland
          •    Roger Raglin Maniac 155
               ⁃    Doe estrus urine and tarsal gland
          •    Rack Getter Hot To Trot
               ⁃    Peak estrus urine with doe glands
          •    Wyndscent Synthetic Estrus
               ⁃    100% synthetic for states that don’t permit real urine

      Though not as popular as using doe urine, buck urine is an effective way to challenge bucks to come on in during the rut. Below are some buck scents that we offer.

          •    Conquest Rutting Buck
          •    Pure Whitetail Cash
          •    Rack Getter Rutz Up


      Unit Placement: When using an attractant scent, place unit around 30 yards away from you and take advantage of a cross wind.


      Late Season Scents

      When the rut ends, it is time to switch back to food based attractants and cover scents. Deer are burned out after the rut. They are in search of food and are increasingly wary of human presence due to hunting pressure throughout the season.

      Knowing which scent to use is all about knowing what deer are searching for before, during, and after the rut. With the correct cover and attractant scents, you greatly increase your odds of success in the field.


      Scent Cans VS The Wyndscent 2.0 Scent Vaporizer

      Scent Cans VS The Wyndscent 2.0 Scent Vaporizer

      Using cover and attractants scents is something us hunters have been doing for years and years. Using scent can really increase your chance of success in the field. There are many different ways we have used scent over the years from dumping scent on the ground, to putting it on a rag or wick, to dispersing it from a scent can. The problem with the traditional way of using scent is once the scent evaporates, the scent is mostly gone. The only way to refresh the scent is to get down and put out some more scent. In the cold, scent evaporates very slowly meaning the scent will not be very potent. Vaporizing your hunting scent solves the issues we experienced with traditional scent use.

      In this article we will be comparing using a scent can to using the Wyndscent 2.0 scent vaporizer unit.


      Lasts Longer, More Cost Effective

      Scent cans have been a very popular way of dispersing attractant scent. The high pressure aerosol can allows you the spray the scent wherever you like. The disadvantage of this system is you only have 90 seconds of scent dispersal from most scent cans. Of course, you won’t use all that in one spot, but scent cans don’t last long for the price and for how big and bulky they are.

      Wyndscent on the other hand lasts a long time. One vapor cartridge for the Wyndscent 2.0 lasts up to 40 hours of run time on the 1 minute mode and up to 120 hours on the 3 minute mode. That is a LONG time for just one scent cartridge. It takes 106 scent cans to equal 1 Wyndscent 2.0 vapor cartridge when it comes to scent dispersal time.

      No Mess

      No matter what you do, it seems you always get a little urine on yourself when using traditional scents including scent cans. Wyndscent takes care of that problem. Wyndscent scent cartridges are sealed and allow you to use scent without coming home smelling like deer urine.

      Better for the Environment

      We already mentioned that it takes 106 scent cans to equal 1 Wyndscent 2.0 cartridge. All those cans will end up in the land fill. The much smaller and longer lasting Wyndscent 2.0 cartridges are much more environmentally responsible.

      More Effective

      Vaporizing scent is much more effective than spraying scent on something. The Wyndscent 2.0 unit emits vaporized scent every minute or every 3 minutes giving you continuous scent dispersal. That would be like spraying scent on the ground every minute to refreshen the area. Another advantage of vapor is it isn’t effected by gravity and carries with the wind really well. We have had animals come in from a long ways off to investigate the scent edited from the Wyndscent 2.0 unit.

      We have had excellent results using Wyndscent, and we hope that you will give it a try as well. Wyndscent really changes the game when it comes to scents. Using Wyndscent will save you money in the long run and will make using scent much easier and much more effective.